The Ontario Poetry Society
~ Found Poem Anthology Contest ~

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Open to all Canadian Residents

First Prize - $100 Second Prize - $75 Third Prize - $50
Plus 20 Honourable Mention Awards
All prize-winning Poems to be published in a chapbook anthology.
Every winner to receive one copy of the book, per prize.
(If a poet wins 2 contest prizes, he or she or they will receive 2 copies of the book, etc.)

What is a Found Poem:
Found poems take existing texts, then extract from them and refashion them to craft a new poem,
different in meaning and form from the source material.
The literary equivalent of a collage, found poetry is often created using such sources as
newspaper articles, signs, graffiti, speeches, letters, novels, how-to books and other poems.

Main types of found poetry include:
Blackout poetry the poet takes one existing work-an article, a short story, or another poem
and uses a pen or marker to black out certain lines, words and phrases to create a new work
different in meaning and form from the source. The words of the new poem remain in
the exact order of the original text.
Cut-up poetry (this contest excludes Centos) the poet cuts words out of source material and
rearranges them to create new meaning from one or more original sources.

Rules and Guidelines:
Poems to be no longer than 24 lines. Spaces between the stanzas count as lines.
Poem title & space between the title and body of the poem do not count as lines.
Line Width: No more than 60 characters per line, including spaces between the words.
Poems to be typed single spaced one poem per page, Times New Roman #11 Font
on white letter size paper - 8.5 x 11
A copy of the original text from which each blackout poem was created must
be attached to the poem. For cut-up poems, the poet must cite the source(s) used.
There is no limit to the number of poems per submission.

Blind judging
No author information to be anywhere on the same page as the poem, back or front.
A separate cover page must be included with author name,
complete mailing address, phone number and e-mail,
along with a list of poem titles (first line if no poem title).
Entry fee: One poem for $5 or 3 poems for $10
Deadline: Entries to be postmarked on/or before November 15th, 2023.
Enclose a #10 s.a.s.e. for the winners' list & gift of a $1 off coupon
for another T.O.P.S. contest.

Submissions: Send with entry fee payable to
The Ontario Poetry Society
Attn.: I.B. Iskov, Contest Coordinator
#710 - 65 Spring Garden Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M2N 6H9

Contest Judge: J C Sulzenko