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Verse Afire Canadian Poetry Magazine
A Biannual Publication

Poems for the January 2025 issue of Verse Afire

Theme: Favourite Places

Poems about your favourite place are wanted for the next issue of Verse Afire. Only one place is preferred. It could be your own backyard, your bedroom, or it could be a favourite city you have visited, like Paris France or Rome Italy or London England or Pontypool Ontario. It could also be an imaginary place you created in your mind, or a place you visited in a dream.

Poems to be no longer than 40 lines and the stanza spaces count as lines. No more than 6 long or 8 short words per line, to allow room for another poem to fit beside yours in the page's second column. If lines are too long, the Editor reserves the right to break them with careful consideration to content. If breaking lines results in a poem that violates the length guideline you will be asked to replace it with a shorter poem in a timely manner. Previously published poems are welcome as long as you include publication credits. All styles are welcome. No lewd, foul or culturally discriminating content and no heavy slant on religion.

Deadline for the January 2025 issue is October 31st, 2024.

E-mail in an MSWORD file to ibunny@rogers.com and put Poem for Verse Afire in the subject bar.

If no access to the internet, send your hard copy poem at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline to:

Attn: IB. Iskov, Verse Afire Editor
The Ontario Poetry Society
#710 - 65 Spring Garden Ave.
Toronto, ON
M2N 6H9


As a new magazine we welcome and are actively seeking official reviews from other literary sources / publications and are happy to mail you a hard copy or email a pdf of the requested issue. If we haven't already contacted you and you would like to assist us, please be sure to contact Bunny Iskov, Publisher (ibunny@roger.com) or Ronda Wicks, Editor (rondawicks@hotmail.com) with the pertinent information we need to follow-up. Thank you sincerely!


All rates are in Canadian funds and available inside Canada only

Non-members annual: $40 includes 2 issues (January and June) + automatic membership
Non-members' single copy: $20, doesn't include membership
Members' extra copies (must pre-order before the issue's submission deadline): $15 each

School, library and subscriptions for Non-Profit organizations: $30/yr or $15 for a single issue.

Due to the continuous rise in postage and printing costs due to inflation, Verse Afire subscriptions will not be offered for automatic renewal.


All rates are in Canadian funds.

Open to members and non-members in literary related fields (the ad must promote 1) literary service - i.e. editing, ms layout, book cover photography or artwork, publishing service 2) event - i.e. reading, launch, workshop, or 3) a submission call

Interior is black & white print only.
In all cases placement locations can be requested but are not guaranteed.

Business Card 2.5 x 3" size
1 issue: $40, 2 issues: $70 (1 yr), Four issues: $120 (2 yrs)
Business Card Double size - 5 x 3" anywhere or 2.5 x 6" page bottom)
1 issue: $70, 2 issues: $130, Four issues: $240 (2 years)
Half Page - 10.5 x 3" anywhere or 4 x 8" size page bottom - 1 issue: $200, 2 issues: $380, 4 issues: $700
Full Page - 8" 10.5" size
1 issue: $550, 2 issues: $1000, 4 issues: $1800

Back Cover - 8.5 x 11" edge to edge COLOUR
1 issue: $800, 2 issues: $1500, 4 issues: $2500

Members and Non Profits (by providing their registration #) will receive a 25% discount except for the business card size which, because of its already low price, will remain the same.