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The Ontario Poetry Society was founded to create a democratic organization for members to unite in camaraderie,
friendship, emotional support and encouragement in all aspects of poetry, including writing, performing and publishing.


In the course of carrying out their duties, members of the executive represent the Ontario Poetry Society to the community at large. In order to preserve the good reputation of the society, the executive must at all times adhere to the code of ethics and avoid conflict of interest. A conflict of interest is defined as any obligation, interest, distraction or action which adversely affects or has the potential to affect or interfere with the judgement and/or objectivity of members of the executive in the performance of their duties for the Ontario Poetry Society.

All members of the executive shall vote on all issues and matters pertaining to the business of The Ontario Poetry Society. The majority vote shall rule and must be acted upon as quickly as possible.

All members of the executive must maintain an awareness of how their own values, attitudes and needs can impact on working relationships with the other members of the executive and the society. Members of The Ontario Poetry Society must also maintain an awareness of and adhere to the purpose, mandate and function of The Ontario Poetry Society and its goals.

No single person on the executive may take over another chairperson's responsibilities without the prior consent of the present chairperson, or the majority vote of the entire executive body.

No single person the executive may dismiss another individual, whether they be on the executive or on a contract with the Society without the majority vote by the entire executive body.

No single person on the executive may hire another individual whether they be on the executive, a member or a non-member of TOPS, for any employment (paid or volunteer) without the majority vote of the entire executive.

All financial records and accounts must be kept in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles. All members of The Ontario Poetry Society must exercise strict precision and accuracy in accounting for all funds received or expended.

Each individual of the executive must carry out their assigned duties and issue a report to the rest of the executive on any progress or the status of their task on a monthly basis or at intervals deemed appropriate by the executive.

Any members of the executive who fail to perform their duties in a responsible manner (e.g. not keep records up-to-date or not provide receipts for TOPS business expenditures) shall be dismissed and a new member shall be voted upon by the entire executive body to take their place until the next annual election.

All members of the executive shall abide by the Society's policy to dismiss any member of the executive who threatens the strength and unity of the executive body and of the organization.

The Ontario Poetry Society will welcome members who live and/or work in the Province of Ontario and auxilliary membership will be offered to other Canadians who live and work outside of Ontario. To provide a poetry friendly place for everyone, all members will be invited to participate in all events sponsored by The Ontario Poetry Society.

Branch Managers will be welcomed into the society from the different cities, towns and regions in Ontario to organize member's get-togethers and readings and to promote the organization by handing out flyers and pamphlets and recruiting new members.

Any kind of discrimination, be it by race, colour, creed, gender or methods of writing shall not be tolerated by any member of the Society and the executive. Any member who displays such behaviour towards any other member of TOPS shall be held accountable to the executive who will determine the consequences of such charges.

Members of the executive shall consist of: a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Member-at-Large. If, in the event the President is unable to complete their year in office (sickness, etc.) then the Vice-President will assume the President's duties until the next annual election or a past-president may step in to replace him/her until the next formal election.

Both Free Verse and Rhyme shall be acknowledged for their aesthetic value.

To avoid conflict of interest, no member of the Executive will be allowed to enter any of The Ontario Poetry Society contests unless such contest is judged blindly.

'The Ontario Poetry Society will hold a vote for a new executive every three years, asking members to mail in their ballot choices.

Privacy Statement: The Ontario Poetry Society respects the privacy of its members and will not trade, sell or give away contact information about its members. Any contact information such as postal mailing address, email address or phone number that appears on these web pages or in any printed material is presented with the permission of the member. Should you not wish such information to be shown on this website please contact The Ontario Poetry Society to have it removed.