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Let The Ontario Poetry Society Publish Your Chapbook

Chapbooks of up to 28 pages of poetry will be considered
for collections which may include up to 2 members per chapbook.

Other standard sizes - 24 pages, 20 pages & 16 pages of poetry
Chapbooks that are not a standard # pages will have blank pages.

The scheme of things:
1 member provide all pages of poetry
- or -
2 members provide 14 pages of poetry each

[ each page - 36 lines max. which includes title and blank lines between stanzas ]

Cost: $6 per chapbook

Minimum first run order is $300 for 50 chapbooks
This fee includes all taxes, insured shipping and handling expenses.

Should the collection require any editing, additional charges may apply.

Extra copies will be printed for The National Archives and the Reviewer.

Chapbook Specifications:

page size - 5.5" w x 8.5" h
inside paper - 24 lb. white
cover - colour card stock
cover Illustration - black ink only
interior illustrations - black ink only
photographs - black & white
binding - stapled and trimmed (standard for chapbooks)
ISBN: provided by TOPS

[ photos & illustrations may be submitted in colour but will be converted to black/white ]

Cover illustration may be provided by the member or TOPS can provide assistance
at no extra cost. TOPS arranges a fellow member to write the Review for a future
issue of Verse Afire and also invites the member to attend any T.O.P.S. event to
launch their book.

All collections must be submitted in a WORD file. Colour head shot photos may be sent in a J-Peg.

If you run out of copies from your initial order and want more,
reprints are $5 per chapbook. Minimum re-order is $100 for 20 chapbooks.
This includes the set-up fee to make your collection print ready.

TOPS maintains electronic files for your chapbook - photos, illustrations and print ready manuscript
[ original photos/illustrations can be returned ]
- If you want print ready files on a CD/DVD - cost is $10.00 per disc -
[ This service is provided only to those who order their first run through TOPS ]

Payment must accompany poems, bio/bio pic and be mailed to:
I.B. Iskov, #710 - 65 Spring Garden
Toronto, Ontario M2N 6H9