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K.V. Skene was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, grew up in Lachine Que. moved to Beaconsfield,Toronto, a small farm in Colborne and a houseboat in Victoria B.C., In 1993 she moved (temporarily) to England where, except for a year in Ireland, she lived for eighteen years. In 2011 she returned to Toronto and now resides in a highrise near Yonge and St. Clair.

Her poetry sequence, The Whitening of the Ox (Published in Descant 92/93, Vol. 27, No.1&2 1996) was set to music by composer Jeffry Ryan and premiered at the Enwave Theater, Harbourfront, Jan. 29th, 2012 and later enjoyed a west coast premiere at Vancouver's MusicFest in August 12 , 2012.

email: K.V. Skene

The Ontario Poetry Society, The Canadian Authors Association, The League of Canadian Poets,
The Canada Cuba Literary Association, and The Poetry Society (UK)

The Love Life of Bus Shelters, Cinnamon Press (UK) 2019, ISBN 978-1-78864-062-6
Unoriginal Sins, erbacce-press (UK) 2018, ISBN 978-1-912455-02-7
Under Aristotle Bridge, Finishing Line Press (USA) 2015, ISBN 978-1-62229-964-5
You Can Almost Hear Their Voices, Indigo Dreams Publishing (UK) 2010, ISBN 978-1-907401-10-7
Love in the (Irrational) Imperfect, Hidden Brook Press (Canada) 2006, ISBN 978-1-894553-71-3
Edith, Flarestack Publishing (UK) 2004, ISBN 978-1-900397-76-5
A Calendar of Rain , Micro Prose (Canada) 2004, ISBN 978-0-9734609-1-1
Only a Dragon, Micro Prose (Canada) 2002, ISBN 978-1-9686018-6-3
The Arran Designs and other poems, Hilton House (UK) 2001, ISBN 978--900824-96-5
Elemental Mind, Broken Jaw Press, (Canada) 1999, ISBN 978-1-896647-16-2
The Uncertainty Factor/As a Rock, Tears in the Fence (UK) 1995, ISBN 978-1-900020-02-5
fire water, Ekstasis Editions Canada Ltd., 1994, ISBN 978-0-921215-72-X
Pack Rat, Reference West, (Canada) 1992, ISBN 978-1-895362-42-0

The Love Life of Bus Shelters available from Cinnamon Press

Unoriginal Sins – available from erabacce-press

Both books also available from K.V. Skene K.V..Skene@bell.net

Selected Anthologies:
Open Heart 13, TOPS Anthology, (Cda) 2019
Arborealis, A Beret Days Book, )Cda) 2019
The Dream The Glory and The Strife (CCLA Members Anthology) (Cda) 2018
Beyond Forgetting, Celebrating 100 Years of AL Purdy, Harbour Publishing, (Cda) 2018
The Ultra Best Short Verse 2018 A Beret Days Book (Cda) 2018
Heartwood (A League of Canadian Poets Anthology) (Cda) 2018
Delicate Impact (An Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Verse) (Cda) 2018
Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest Anthology (Cda) 2018
The Ultra Best Short Verse (Beret Days Press) (Cda) 201
Transitory Tango, (TOPS Anthology) 2017
Canada’s 150th ,Who We Are, Where We Are, Where We Need To Be Going, Artfest Ontario, (Cda)
The Stony Thursday Book, No. 15, (Ireland) Winter 2016
The Literary Gourmet Revisited, A Canadian Anthology of poetry & Recipes, Beret Days Press (Cda) 2017
Perfect as a Picture, Poetry Contest Anthology, Beret Days Press (Cda) 2017
Infinite Riches in a Little Room – Poems from the BackRoom Poets, Oxford, 1999-2016 (UK) 2016
Fire and Sky, A Canadian Anthology of Poetry, (Cda) 2016
The Bannister, Niagara Poetry Anthology, Vol. 31 (Cda) 2016
Arborealis (A Beret Day Book) (Cda) 2016
Latchkey Lyricality (Tops Anthology) (Cda) 2016
Memory and Loss (Ink Bottle Press (TOPS) (Cda) 2016
Clean as a Whistle, TOPS Anthology, (Cda) 2016
Open Heart 10, TOPS Anthology (Cda) 2016
The Ultra Best Short Verse 2015, Beret Days Press (TOPS) (Cda) 2015
Food for Thought, Beret Day Press (TOPS) Cda 2015
Crossing Borders, Hidden Brooke Press, (Cda) 2015

A Rewording Life, Edited by Sheryl Gordon (Cda) 2015
Mindshadows, A Canadian Anthology of Poetry (TOPS) (Cda) 2015
Poems for a Liminal Age, A SPM (Sentinel Poetry Movement) publication (UK) 2015
Open Heart 9, The Ontario Poetry Society 2015
Family Ties,,Hidden Brook Press 2014
The Stony Thursday Book, 2014 (Ireland)
The Saving Bannister, Niagara Poetry Anthology 2014
Scarlett Thistles, A Canadian Anthology of Poetry 2014
Sparkle & Shine, Poetry Contest Anthology 2014
Arborealis, A Canadian Anthology of Poetry, 2014
Open Heart 8, The Ontario Poetry Society 2014
En Compass III, The Ontario Poetry Society 2013
Grandfather, Father and Me, Hidden Brook Press 2013
What We Carry Home, Ascent Aspirations Publishing 2013
Lemon Tradewinds, TOPS Anthology 2013
Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest Anthology 2013
The Ultra Best Short Verse, A Canadian Anthology of Poetry, 2013
Heart Shoots, Anthology Indigo Dreams Publishing,March 2013 (UK)

Open Heart 9 Poetry Contest 2015 - Honourable Mention (2)
Cinnamon Press Single Poem Competition 2014 - Highly Commended
Sparkle and Shine Poetry Contest 2014 - Judges Choice (3)
CAA Niagara Branch, The Saving Bannister 2014 - First
Cardiff International Poetry Competition 2014 - Third
Shades of Imagery (TOPS) 2014 - Second
The Open Heart Poetry Competition 2014 - Honourable Mention (2)
The Ultra Short Poetry Competition 2013 - Honourable Mention
The Golden Grassroots Chapbook Award 2013
......................................................... - 1st & 4th Honourable Mention
Sparkle and Shine Poetry Contest 2013 - Honourable Mention
Dr. W. H. Drummond Poetry Contest 2013 - Honourable Mention
The Ultra Short Poem Competition 2012 - Fourth
The Arborealis Prize for Poetry, 2012 - Runner up
The Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize 2012 - Highly Commended
CAA Niagara Branch The Saving Bannister 2012 - First
IDP Annual Poetry Awards 2010 - First
IDP Annual Poetry Awards 2010 - Commended
Purple Patch Small Press Poet of the Year 2009 - Award
Indigo Dreams Winter Collection Competition 2009 - Winner
Ragged Raven 12th Annual Poetry Competition 2009 - First
Indigo Dreams Press Poetry Competition 2009 - Highly Commended
Second Light 2009 - Short Listed
Scintilla Open Poetry Competition 2009 - Commended
Ascent Aspirations, Anthology Seven, 2009 - Honourable Mention
Envoi International Poetry Competition 153 - Runner up
Faringdon Poetry Contest, 2008 - Commended
The Writers Bureau, 2008 - Fourth
8th Great Blue Heron Poetry Contest 2008 - Third
ARM/Demeter Press, 2008 - First
Indigo Dreams Press Poetry Awards 2008 - Third
Dawntreader Poetry Awards 2008 - Second
Southport Writers' Circle 2008 - Third
Strokestown International Poetry Competition 2008 - Shortlisted
Peterloo Poetry Competition, 2008 - Placed
Indigo Dreams Press Poetry Competition 2007 - Highly Commended
The Writers Bureau, 2007 - Fifth
Shelagh Nugent Poetry Award 2007 - Commended
Indigo Dreams Press Poet of the Year - First
Shaunt Basmajian Chapbook Award 2004 - First
Forward Press Top 100 2004 - Commended
No Love Lost III, 2004 - Runner Up
bluechrome 2004 - Commended
C,P,A, 2003 - Honourable Mention
bluechrome 2004 - Third

Mere Literary Festival (2003) - Shortlisted

Arborealis, A Canadian Anthology of Poetry 2012,
..................................................A Beret Days Book, February 2013
Octopus, Templar Poetry Anthology 2012 (UK)
The Saving Bannister. Niagara Poetry Anthology, Vol. 27, 2012
That Not Forgotten, Indigo Dreams Publishing 2012
Sylvia is Missing, Flarestack Poets Pamphlet Competition
...................................................................... Anthology 2012 (UK)
Close to Quitting Time, Ascent Aspirations Publishing 2011
Snap, Templar Poetry Anthology 2010 (UK)
Visible Breath, Indigo Dreams Anthology, Winter 2010 (UK)
Crab Lines Off The Pier, Indigo Dreams Anthology,Summer 2010 (UK)
The World is Made of Glass, Ragged Raven Press, 2010 (UK)
By the winter fires, Indigo Dreams Press, 2009 ( UK)
Mr. Barton Isn't Paying, Flarestack Competition Anthology, 2009 (UK)
Ascent Aspirations Anthology Seven, Spring 2009 (UK)
Losing the Edge, Ragged Raven Press, 2009 (UK)
The Wisdom of Old Souls, Hidden Brook Press 2008
Peterloo Poets Open Poetry Competition Anthology, 2008 (UK)
Ascent Aspirations Anthology Five, Spring 2008
Borderless Sky/Cielo sin fronteras CCLA,
Hidden Brook Press 2007
Myth Weavers, Serengeti Press 2007
Agua Terra' , Ascent Aspirations 2007
Illuminations, Evolving Editions, 2006 (USA)
The Book of Hopes and Dreams, bluechrome publishing 2006 (UK)
Ascent Aspirations 2005
Piety and Plum Porridge, Blinking Eye Publishing, December 2005 (UK)
And no one knows the blood we share, League of Canadian Poets 2005
Boho - bringing it all back home 2005 (UK)
bluechrome anthology 2005 (UK)
Dorset Perspectives
, January 2005 (UK)
Dark Lullaby, Sandburg-Livesay Anthology, 2004
The Ticking Crocodile, Blinking Eye Publishing Anthology 2004 (UK)
The Forward Press Top 100 Poems 2004 (UK)
No Love Lost III, Hidden Brook Press, 2004
Boho Woman Peeling Oranges, boho press 2004 (UK)
bluechrome anthology, 2004 (UK)
Handprints On The Future, CPA Anthology (Cda) 2003
Salisbury Festival's Book of Trees, 2002 (UK)
Windfall, C.P.A. Anthology 2002
A.A.S. 2000 Poetry Competition Winners' Anthology, 2000 (UK)
Seeds Poetry Anthology #2 Spring 2000
Grand Millennium Anthology, Coventry Poetry Prize (UK) 1999
Waiting for you to Speak, Sandburg-Livesay Anthology (Cda) 1999
Sing for the Inner Ear, Sandburg-Livesay Anthology. (Cda) 1998
Strong Winds, Sandburg-Livesay Anthology (Cda) 1997
Dorset Waters, ESP (UK) 1997
Doors of the Morning, CPA Anthology (Cda) 1997
Dorset Contours , ESP (UK) 1996
Decade - Frogmore Poetry Prize (UK) August 1996
Versatility, Tears in the Fence (UK) 1996
Alberta Poetry Yearbook (Cda) June 1990
Best International Poems, WPBS Poetry (Cda) 1986

Classic Turkish Van Cats Association, 2003 Third C.P.A. 2002 - Sixth
Shaunt Basmajian Chapbook Award, 2002 - First
Envoi 131 (2002) - Second
Writers Bureau Poetry Comp 2001 - Fifth
Poem of the Year, Hub City (2000) - Second
Hilton House Open Poetry Comp. (2000) - Third
ARUN Millennium Poetry Contest (2000) - Commended
Canadian Literary Awards, 1999 - Shortlisted
People's Poem Contest (Summer1999) - Runner-up
Mere Literary Festival (1999) - Merit Award
CPA Poetry Comp - Joint Third
AAS '99 - First
Envoi 122 (1999) - Joint Second Prize
Cherrytree Chapbook Contest (1997) - Honourable Mention
Lake Aske Open Poetry Comp. (1997) - Merit Award
Nova Poetica, (Winter 1996) - Special Commendation
Peoples Poetry Letter (1996) - Top Ten
Writers' Journal (1996) - Honourable Mention
White Mice Contest (1996) - Honourable Mention
Sunk Island Poetry Competition (1995) - Fourth Prize
Frogmore Poetry Prize (1995) - Shortlisted
Writers' Journal (1995) - Honourable Mention
Lace (1995) - Highly Recommended
Orbis (1994) - Second
The Amethyst Review (1994) - Honourable Mention
Tears in the Fence (East Street Poets, 1994) - First Runner Up
Hope Writers' Guild (1992) - Third
Writer's Digest (1992) - Honourable Mention
CAA (Victoria & Island Branch) - Writer of the Year Award Second
Literary Writes (1991) Federation of B.C. Writers - Honourable Mention
Cecilia Lamont Lit. Contest (1991) - First
Writer's Digest (1991) - Honourable Mention
Kentucky State Poetry Society (1990) - Third & 2 Hon. Mentions
CAA (Victoria & Island Branch) Writer of the Year Award
........................................................................,,... - First Runner UP
Abacus & Rose (1989) The Discovery Center - Second
Maplecon 11 (1989) - Honourable Mention
CAA (Victoria & Island Branch) Writer of the Year Award
....................................................................... - Honourable Mention
Canadian Author (March 1988) - First
Maplecon 10 (1988) - Third
Rhyme Time (1988) - Honourable Mention
Maplecon 9 (1987) - Honourable Mention
WPBS Poetry (1986) - First