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Dorothy Stott has been published in The Malahat Review, Queen's Quarterly, Quill Books (USA) Quills Canadian Magazine, Saturday Night. ('On Discovering a Dead Poet' was illustrated )

Dorothy won The Milton Acorn Prize, The Cecilia Lamont Literary Prize, The Alberta Scouten Memorial Award and her work has appeared in the Mekler and Deahl anthologies, the Dr. William Henry Drummond, the Cranberry Tree Press anthologies and several Ontario Poetry Society anthologies. Recently she was accepted in a special anthology in the UK by ForwardPoetry.

Stott has published interviews with Robin Skelton and Susan Musgrave, both of which are now included in the Data Base of poets and poetry at Simon Fraser University.

She was invited to judge the Open Heart poetry contest for the Ontario Poetry Society and was invited to give a couple of poetry sessions to Langdale Elementary School.

Two previous Chapbooks were published by Beret Days Book, 'When You Speak With Poets.' and 'The Solitary Whimbrel'.

Dorothy lives and writes on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

List of Publications:
oThe Malahat Review, Saturday Night.
o Queen's Quarterly, Tickle Ace.
oThe Alberta Poetry Yearbook, Waves. Canadian Fiction Magazine.
o Suncoast Forge Anthology.
o The Belcarra Barnacle.
o The Sandburg/Livesay Anthologies of Winning Poems:
... - 'Sing for the Inner Ear', 1998.
... - 'Waiting for you to Speak', 1999.
... - 'After the Eclipse', 2004.
o The Open Window - International Anthology of Poetry, 2000, 2002, 2005.
o 'Summer Shade', A collection of Modern Poetry, Quill Books USA, 2001.
o Seeds 5, International Chapbook of winning poems, 2001.
o Hidden Brook Press, Also Seeds 6, 2003.
o Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Spring 2005.

Chapbooks Published:
o 'When You Speak With Poets', Beret Days Press, 2009.
o 'The Solitary Whimbrel', Beret Days Press, Feb. 2012.
o 'The Visitant', Beret Days Press, March 2013.

Prizes & Awards:
o The Alberta Scouten Memorial Award.
o The Milton Acorn Prize for Poetry, 2000.

First Prize:
o The Suncoast Forge Literary Contest, 1996.
o The Milton Acorn Prize, 2000.
o Cecilia Lamont Literary Contest, 2005.

Second Prize:
o Hope Writers' Poetry Competition, 1996.
o The Alberta Poetry Competition, 1982 - Judged by Elizabeth Smart.

Third Prize:
o White Rock and Surrey Writers' Club, 1988 & 1994.
o Cecilia Lamont Competition, 1989 & 1995.
o Word Fires Competition, 1996.
o Suncoast Forge Literary Competition, 1998.
o One of Six Finalists in the International Shaunt Basmajian Chapbook Award, 2004.
o Numerous Honourable Mentions and Finalist placings. Burnaby Writers' Competition, 2007.
o Cecilia Lamont Literary Contest, 2007, 1st, 2nd, & Hon. Men.

o Robin Skelton - WAVES. (Included, Simon Fraser University Data Bank)
o Susan Musgrave - Canadian Fiction Magazine. (included, Simon Fraser University Data Bank)
o Dr. Doris Kavanagh-Gray - Canadian Doctor, Cover Story.

The Ontario Poetry Society:
o Judge for the 2008 Open Heart Poetry Competition.
o Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest Judges selection for 2008 anthology, 'LEGACY', White Mountain Publications.
o Verse Afire, a Tri-Annual Publication of the Ontario Poetry Society, May-Aug. 2008.
o Sounding the Seconds, July 2008, Ontario Poetry Society Members Poems Anthology.
o Verse Afire, Sept-Dec. 2008.
o Cranberry Tree Press chapbook contest, Won a place in 'ELLIPSIS', 2009.
o Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest judges selection of two poems, 2009 Anthology, 'EXPRESSIONS'.
o One of 5 Honourable Mentions in the Golden Grassroots Chapbook Award, 2009.
o Verse Afire, Jan-April 2010.
o Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest, Honourable Mention, 2010.
o West End Writer's Contest, 2010 one of 8 finalists.
o Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest. Two Honourable Mentions of $50 each, 2011.
o Finalist in the 2011 Burnaby Writers' Poetry Contest.
o 3rd. Prize, in The Ontario Poetry Society's contest 'To Rhyme or not to Rhyme', 2011.
o Two poems in Members Anthology - Ontario Poetry Society, 2011 'Spirit Eyes and Fireflies'.
o Published short children's story - The Local - Sunshine Coast local weekly newspaper. Dec. 22, 2011.
o Honourable Mention in the Dr. William Henry Drummond 2012 poetry competition, $50 prize.
o Finalist in the 2012 Burnaby Writers Poetry Contest, with two poems.
o Poetryforward, UK. Published in Anthology, 'INTO THE SHADOWS.' March 2013.
o Honourable Mention in The Ultra Short Poem Contest, The Ontario Poetry Society, 2013.

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