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David C. Brydges is a poet/pioneer, cultural acupuncturist, and community builder.
Whose visionary mission is to bring the world more poets, poetry, and poetry adventures.
While living in the wilds of his imagination. David is a passionate pollinator for poetry and eternal autodidact whose motto is "Doctora Ignorantia."

His favourite poetry quote is by a 17th century German poet named Friedrich Holderlin. "Although we have to make a living we dwell poetically on this earth."

Creator of Canada's most historic community poetry park the Dr. Pollard Poetry Park.
Northern Ontario's largest annual poetry/arts festival. (www.springpulsepoetryfestival.com)
PoeARTry North a pioneering provincial painting /poetry competition in Ontario.
Chief Creative Engineer for the PoeTrain adventure tours www.poetrain.com
Administrator of the oldest non-governmental national poetry contest in Canada Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest.
An 11-year Poetry Pulse column in a bi-monthly local newspaper The Voice.
Chief Energizing Officer and Owner of Brydge Builder Press.

- David C. Brydges is a member of the League of Canadian Poets.
- Ontario Poetry Society branch manager Cobalt and member of the year in 2014 and 2016.

Other memberships include:

- Stroll of Poets Edmonton
- Edmonton Poetry Society
- Temiskaming & Area Chamber of Commerce
- Temiskaming Art Gallery
- Cobalt Historical Society
- Ontario Historical Society
- Festival & Events Ontario
- Global Mural Alliance
- Universities Art Association
- Artbridges

- The Poetrain Express (A Poets Journey) documentary 2013 spring pulse poetry festival productions.
- Blue Train short documentary of Ian Ferrier spring pulse poetry festival productions

Poetry Contests:
- Synchronicity Magazine, Calgary annual poetry contest 2001 (honourable mention)
- Spiritual Directions, Calgary annual poetry contest 2005 (third place)
- Dr. William Henry Drummond, Poetry Contest 2007 (first place)
- Northern Ontario Speaks, White Mountain Publications Volume 19 (2014), (First
...Place) Blessings and (Judge's Selections) poems: Only in Canada Eh? and The Royal Cherry.
-Twenty Years, White Mountain Publications Volume 20 (2015), (Judge's Selections) poem: Fire-Watch Worker
- Many Northern Voices, White Mountain Publications Volume 21 (2016), Second Place: Master Magician of Music,
..(Honourable Mention): One Human Writes and Judge's Selections: Eat.
- Bards from the Bush, White Mountain Publications, Northern Ontario Poetry
..Collection Volume 22 (2017), (Third Place): Ideals, (Judge's Selections): Many Ways to Kill Time.

Blue Apple Press Publications:
- Windfire on the Lake Road, 2008, isbn 978-0-9732744-4-8, 36 pages, $5:00
- Cobalt Poems verses of the north anthology, 2008, isbn 978-9732744-5-5, 60 pages, $10:00
- Anthologies of the Misshapen, 2008, isbn 978-0-9732744-8-6, 16 pages, $3:00
- Crude Truths, Brydge Builder Press (2013) isbn 098135992-2, 20 pages.
- Raven's Recall, Brydge Builder Press (2017) Canadian Poetry ISBN 978-0-9813599-7-7 Chapbook Canadian Poetry Collaboration E-Book ISBN 978-0-9813599-6-0
- A Wild Heart 2017 poem/painting e-book illustration collaboration with Dr. Angi (Angela Kowitz Orobko, Ed.D.) A Canadian/American poetry/painting collaboration
...ISBN 978-0-9813599-5-3 (e-book)


-Vagabond Post Office January 2018 Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication:
..Canadian Poetry ISBN: 978-0-9732744-5-5

Forthcoming Books/CD's:

- In a Northern Light, (Dr. William Henry Drummond) biography
- Doctor William Henry Drummond, selected anthology
- Raving Rants Revelry, CD

- Decabration 10th anniversary anthology, Ontario Poetry Society
- Stroll of Poets, anthology, 2007-08-09 - 2010 2013-2014-2015-2016
- Killer Blinks, anthology, 2007-08-09 - 2010
- Cobalt Poems Verses of the North, 2008
- Legacy Dr. William Henry Drummond, 2008
- Many Pens of Passion, anthology, 2009
- Raving Poets e-magazine Raving, 2009 (Issues 1, 2 & 3)
- Spirit Eyes and Fireflies, Ontario Poetry Society 2011-member anthology edited by Kate Marshall Flaherty, poems: When I Heard of Mentors Death and Frozen Lip
- Ropedancer the Ontario Poetry Society 2012 anthology edited by Debbie Ouellet, poem: Rain
-Scarlett Thistles A Canadian Anthology of Poetry edited & compiled by Fran Figge A Beret Days Book Ontario Poetry Society 2014 poems: Flare Stack and A Lone Raven
-The PoeTrain Anthology A Selection of Train Poems by Canadian Poets Copyright ©2015 by authors isbn Number: 978-0-9813599-3-9
-Memory and Loss: A Canadian Anthology of Poetry, Ink Bottle Press (2016), edited/compiled by I.B. Iskov,
-Latchkey Lyricality, The Ontario Poetry Society Anthology, A Beret Days Book (2016), edited/compiled by Keith Inman, poem: Numb.
-The Literary Gourmet Revisited: A Canadian Anthology of Poetry & Recipes (2017), edited/compiled by Honey Novick, poem: The Royal Cherry.
-Fire and Sky: A Canadian Anthology of Poetry, Brydge Builder Press (2017), edited/compiled by Jocelyne Verret, poems: The Victory Café, My Country My Heroes, Post-Fire.

...David C. Brydges
...... .....Box 455 Cobalt, ON - P0J 1C0
Email: .mybrydges@yahoo.ca
Phone: 705-679-8930