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I.B. (Bunny) Iskov is the Founder of The Ontario Poetry Society.
Her work has been published in many fine literary journals and
anthologies. She has three full collections and several chapbooks.
She is available for readings and workshops upon request.
Bunny is married to Larry and they have two children,
one son-in-law and two grandchildren.

- The Ontario Poetry Society (Founder,Treasurer & Life Member)

Selected Publications:
- Skirting the Edge, In Our Words Inc., 2015 - ISBN: 978-1-926926-57-5
- In A Wintered Nest, Serengeti Press, 2013 - ISBN: 978-0-98710318-9-7, 36 pgs.
- Sapphire Seasons, Aeolus House, 72 poems, 2009 - ISBN 978-0-98112724-8
- Rebels With a Cause – chapbook – Beret Days Press Stanza Break Series # 8
- Cats & Dogs – chapbook – co-authored with Lenny Everson, Passion Among the Cacti Press
- like sparkle – chapbook – self-published in a limited collection of 30 copies
- Moon-Flares A Cosmic Collection (poems by I.B. Iskov & Katherine L. Gordon) – chapbook –
Katherine L.Gordon - editor
- litany of breathing - chapbook - pooka press
- After the Rain - full collection – Snowapple Press
- anxiety attack - chapbook – Broken Jaw Press
- relatively speaking - chapbook - (poems by J. C. Hershberg & I.B. Iskov), self-published
- Space Alchemy – A Trilogy chapbook, Passion Among the Cacti Press
(poems by Katherine L. Gordon, Joan McGuire & I.B. Iskov),
- Sex Sells - chapbook - Passion Among the Cacti Press
Executive Sweet – Poets I.B. Iskov, Michael Persaud, Kate Marshall Flaherty, Debbie Okun Hill,
Mark Clement and Chris Sorrenti – Beret Days Press Stanza Break Series # 15

- Primitive Light, SB. Series # 28 - chapbook - Beret Days Press

- See Bunny's Blog Post about her books

In A Wintered Nest
Strikingly imaginative turns of phrase enliven Iskov's insightful accounts of emotional states that are often gloomy, anxious or sorrowful. This remarkable gift with expressive language works to transform all such poems, as well as more whimsical and satiracal ones, into bravely affirmative and consoling testimony.
Allan Briesmaster

Coming of Age Review by Elana Wolff -I.B. Iskov , HMS Press, 2018, 48 pp ISBN: 978-1-55253-095-5
The forty-four poems in My Coming of Age-a chapbook with the inside-cover subtitle The Best of an Ongoing Collection of a Life Expressed in Poetry-represent I. B. (Bunny) Iskov's selection of previously published poems, most of which have received contest citations. The title poem, My Coming of Age-a riff on the fan-fiction mold, told as homage to The Beatles-aptly captures the poet's characteristic wry sense of humour and unshielded personableness in the face of life's swerves, curves, and world concerns. "The Beatles belonged to me / in my coming of age. It was a freer time / even though the Viet Nam war was raging, / even though there was unrest in the Middle East, / even though my parents were constantly fighting, / I had my Beatles record / to keep me safe and happy / when they sang All You Need Is Love ..." Bunny Iskov displays a discerning eye for the everyday, as captured in titles like Chronic Cough, Wringer Washer Warranty, and Ode to My Computer; genuine interest in the 'everyman' in poems like Trucker on the 401, Lucy and Desi, and Pamela for Mayor; and strong identification with her Jewish self in What Is a Jew, The Jewish Side of the Poem, and Be on Guard. An Iskov poem speaks with personal conviction and plainspoken pluck: "I am in charge," says the narrator in Bedtime Chimera; "My depression is a page in your book," she declares in As One Cradles Pain; "I remember the last time / I worked the street in high heels," she says tongue-in-cheek in the savvy-shopper piece, cleverly titled Cheap Love. There's a strong thread of sadness underlying the humour and juxtaposed the easiness in many of these pieces. Humour is often a cover and a face for deep and complicated emotions, and it's clear that I.B. Iskov has the latter. She reveals her own Complicated Suffering and Personal Complexities; remembers and pays tribute to those who have gone to the other side: the beloved people's poet, Ted Plantos, in the surging opening poem What Plantos Meant to Poets Trapped Within Socio-Economic Boundaries; her girlfriends "Marilyn, Rhondi and Lolly" (lost to cancer) in Making Macaroni and Cheese; her mother in Memory and Loss; and the dead at large in When the Dead Do not Depart. In possibly the most touching and illuminating piece in the chapbook, Glass House, the poet writes: "I open my cabinet doors, / rearrange familiar figurines ... "I care for moments, dust them off, display them / on little easels. / I'm composed." This could be the artist's statement. She makes what she will of her life-delicately, deliberately and artfully, piece by piece. Wallace Stevens wrote that "the poet is the priest of the invisible." I submit that Bunny Iskov is the priestess of the visible. My Coming of Age is a collection that will let you know who I. B. Iskov is and what she stands for. To order your copy, send $12 ($10 + $2 p&h) to I.B. Iskov, #710 - 65 Spring Garden Ave., Toronto, Ont. M2N 6H9

I.B. Iskov, 1 of 5 poets in this anthology

Selected Anthologies:
- One poem in The Banister, Niagara Poetry Anthology,
Volume 30, 2015
- To Rhyme or Not To Rhyme won an Honourable Mention Award in the “Rhyme or Not To Rhyme, ...That Is Your Choice Poetry Contest”, 2011
- Rise Up Singing, An Anthology of Women’s Poetry & Prose – London Abused Women’s Centre
- Henry’s Creature, Poems and Stories of the Automobile – Black Moss Press
- A Time of Trial, Beyond the Terror of 9/11 – Hidden Brook Press
- Earle Birney, A Tribute – Prism International
- Witness, anthology of poetry, Serengeti Press
- Elan, a Regina Weese Collection, Wingate Press
- Several anthologies published by The Ontario Poetry Society & The Canadian Poetry Ass’n.
- Anthology One – Ascent Aspirations – edited by David Fraser
- FROM THE WEB - A Global Anthology Of Women’s Political Poetry, Radical Poetry Collective
- SPIRIT of HUMANITY – Artists For A Better World International
- Arborealis - anthology of poetry, Beret Days Press, 2 poems, 2008
- Voices Israel - Anthology 2008 - 2 poems
- Anthology Five - Ascent Aspirations, Spring, 2008 – two poems
- This Little Light of Mine, McMaster University, 2008 – one poem
- Anthology Five, Spring 2008 Ascent Aspirations - 2 Poems
- Voices Israel 2009 Anthology - 1 Poem
- Earth to Moon, a Vaughan Poets' Circle Collection 2009 - 1 poem
- Poet to Poet, Guernica Editions, 2012 Edited by Elana Wolff and Julie Roorda.
- Window Fishing: the Night we Caught Beatlemania, Selected and Edited by John B. Lee,
.. Hidden Brook Press, 2014
- big art book, Issue 3, 2014, Scarborough Arts Council
- Poetic Imagination, CANCYP Publications, Coordinated by Paulos Ioannou, 2017
A Poet’s Siddur Shabbat Evening, Liturgy Through the Eyes of Poets, Ain’t Got No Press,
Edited by Rick Lupert, 2017
- Hellenic Encounters, CANCYP Publications, 2018 with 12 poems in both English and Greek.
- TAMARACKS Canadian Poetry For The 21st Century, Lummox Press, 2018,
..James Deahl, Editor
- The Banister Niagara Poetry Anthology Volume 33, Canadian Authors Association, 2018

In the three sections of the book, gravity and grief are equally heavy. I was shocked by the rare openness and incredible power that Bunny has woven into her poems. She asks for answers, hunts for hope, prays for peace. Bunny paints "Raw Beauty" and deep humanity with a mixture of colours on her canvas so that "the face of society removes its mask." When she quotes Pablo Picasso's "Work is love made visible"
- poetry to her is the work. In "Looping for Art's Sake," she finds hope through keen eyes and a beautiful mind. I want to be in the loop too.
- Anna Yin/ Inaugural Poet Laureate of MIssissauga

To what form of art might the spirit aspire? What truth might the self reveal
to the self were we to partake in the journey inward to where deep truth dwells? Bunny Iskov writes poems that skirt the edges and plunge the swirling eddies of sorrow and joy bringing with her the light of language and the music of poetry that illuminate as she moves from the luminous moon goddess of her opening poem through the deep sorrows of profound human experience and on to the whimsy and joy of bringing a brand new poem into the world as she describes herself in that ecstatic state of creation
in her penultimate poem:
............................between fire and inspiration,
...............................between nightfall and morning
.................................- John B. Lee, Poet Laureate of Brantford;
....................................Poet Laureate of Norfolk County

Literary Journals & Magazines:
- Poem IN THE NEW YEAR is Poetry Pick of the Month for Jan. 2012 on the Tower Poetry Society website
- on spec: the Canadian magazine of the fantastic, Winter 2007-08 issue
- Why is Poetry So Important, Online article in Chapter and Verse
- Humanist Perspectives, Winter 2010 - 11 Isuue # 175
- GHOSTLIGHT vol. 2, issue 1, 2010
- Tower Poetry, Winter Edition, 2009, Vol. 58 No. 2

surface & symbol, 52% - Carleton University Womyn’s Centre,
- Open Minds Quarterly, Reality & Meaning Journal, Diviners, Undertow, Midwest Poetry Review, Tupperware Sandpiper, Labour of Love, Transition, Regina Weese e-zine, Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Hammered Out, DANI, North American Maple
- Stellar Showcase Literary Journal – Spring 2008 edition.

- Ascent Aspirations - Spring 2008
- 1 poem published in Parchment, 15th Issue, 2008.
- Halcyon Magazine Praise Writers Issue 2, August, 2013 – 1 poem
- Leafpress online magazine

- Third Prize and 1 Honourable Mention Award in The Picture Perfect Poetry Anthology Contest, 2016
- First Prize in the Ultra Short Poetry Contest, 2015 for the poem, With No Mercy
- First Honourable Mention for my poem, Rumour Has It in The Marjorie McIntosh Prize for Poetry by
Canadian Stories Magazine, 2015. James Deahl was the judge
- Honourable Mention in The Double Your Pleasure Poetry Contest, 2013 for a renga co-written with S.A. McCormick.
- On behalf of Liz Benneian and the Oakvillegreen Board, I would like to congratulate you as being selected in our poetry contest and invite you and a guest to the 3rd Annual Urban Forest Awards and Mayor's Heritage Tree Awards Ceremony, hosted by Oakvillegreen and the Town of Oakville. - March 23rd, 2010
- Recipient - Inaugaral R.A.V.E. - - Award (2009) - Recognizing Arts Vaughan Excellence in recognition of outstanding contribution to the cultural landscape of the City of Vaughan. The award is for 2009 Art Educator / Mentor in the Literary Arts.
- Hon. Mention in the Open Heart 3 Poetry Contest, 2008
- Hon. Mention in the William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest, 2008
- Hon. Mention in Pandora's Collective Hibernating With Words Poetry Contest, 2008
- Hon. Mention in Pandora's Collective Kisses & Popsicles Poetry Contest, 2007
- Hon. Mention in Open Heart 1 Poetry Contest, 2006
- Runner-up in the Rhyming Category in The Winsome Words Poetry Contest, 2006
- Second Prize in Balticon 39 Poetry Contest, 2005
- First Prize & Hon. Mention in the $2 Category in The Price Is Right Poetry Contest, 2004
- Second Prize in the $10 Category in The Price Is Right Poetry Contest, 2004
- Hon. Mention in Pandora's Collective Summer Dream Poetry Contest, 2004
- Hon. Mention in The Poet & The PC Sonnet Contest, 2003
- I.B. Iskov is the recipient of the 2017 Absolutely Fabulous Woman Award – for Women Over 40 in the Arts & Culture category.
- Honourable Mention in the Mystical, Whimsical Poetry Chapbook Competition, 2018
- 1st Prize in the booksbycher.com poetry contest for the poem “Displaced”.
- One poem in Lummox Poetry Journal, Number Seven, 2018

Contact information:
I.B. (Bunny) Iskov
#710 – 65 Spring Garden Ave., Toronto, Ont. M2N 6H9

Email: Bunny