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Ted Plantos Dedication

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Our Mission Statement: To provide a poetry-friendly place for everyone.

Membership in TOPS

carries many benefits which include:

Verse Afire our bi-annual newsletter, includes members’ poems,
articles on the craft, contests, markets, member news, chapbook reviews,
event information, plus a whole lot more. Deadline for the June issue is April 15th.

TOPS hosts poetry reading events around the province,
contests, poetry anthology projects and lots of opportunities
to meet and get to know more about your fellow poets.

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Ellen S. Jaffe Dedication

The Alchemy of Tears - A Canadian Poetry Anthology

Phantom Parade - A Canadian Poetry Anthology - Closed

The EnCompass Anthology Series - Discontinued

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Contest Rule for Prize Winning Poems

The Provoked-By-Places Contest - Closes November 30, 2022

Her Majesty 1926 to 2022 Contest - Closes November 30, 2022

Across The Universe Contest - Closes January 31, 2023

The $1000 Ellen S. Jaffe Humanist Award for Poetry - Closes March 15, 2023

The World Around Us 2022 - Closes March 31, 2023

The Spring Peepers Poetry Competition - Closes May 31, 2023

The Ultra Short Poem Competition - Closes July 31, 2023

Translating the Cosmos Poetry Competition - Closes September 30, 2023

David Brydges - TOPS Poet Emissary
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The Ghastly Gruesome Poetry Contest - 2022 - Winners

The Ultra Short Poem Competition - 2022 - Winners

The Members' Only Postage Stamp Contest - 2022 - Winners

The Love Lies Bleeding Contest - 2022 - Winners

The Spring Peepers Poetry Competition - 2022 - Winners

The World Around Us - 2021 - Winners

The Ultra Short Poem Competition - 2021 - Winners

The Love-Lies-Bleeding Anthology Contest - 2021 - Winners

The Spring Peepers Poetry Competition - 2021 - Winners

Pandemic Poetry Contest - 2020 - Winners

The World Around Us - 2020 - Winners

The Ultra Short Poem Competition - 2020 - Winners

Dippity Doo Dah Poetry Chapbook Contest - March 31, 2020 - Winners

Rain on the Brain Contest -Winners

The World Around Us - Sept. 30, 2019 - Winners

The Ultra Short Poem Competition, June 30, 2019 - Winners

Golden Grassroots Contest April 30, 2019 -Winners

Awesome Onyms Poetry Contest - March 31, 2019 - Winners

The Mystical, Whimsical Poetry Chapbook Competition - Feb. 28, 2019 - Winners

I.B. Iskov Receives Honorary Life Membership in TOPS
Bunny Iskov Wins Rave Award
TOPS Member Opens Writer's Retreat

Platinum Poet Tree Series
Perfect Bound Books by Beret Days Press

The Ontario Poetry Society Mandate
The Ontario Poetry Society was founded to create a democratic organization
for members to unite in camaraderie, friendship, emotional support and
encouragement in all aspects of poetry, including writing, performing and publishing.