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~ The Ultra Short Poem Competition 2018 - Winners ~

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The Ultra Short Poem Competition, 2018 Winners List

First Prize: Gathering by Wendy Visser, Cambridge, ON
Second Prize: After Mahler's Second Symphony by Meg Freer, Kingston, ON
Third Prize: Inconsolable on a December Day in Cincinnati by Irene Moore Davis, Windsor, ON
Fourth Prize: Gardening in Japan by Sheila Tucker, Oakville, ON

36 Honourable Mention Awards (in order of appearance in the book)

A Niche (La Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech) Maureen Korp, Ottawa, ON
The Candy Dish by Gerry Mooney, Nepean, ON
Somewhere on the grassy river by Susan McClelland, Burlington, ON
waterboarding by Rosalind Knight, Kingsville, ON
The Sin of Sloth by Ruth Latta, Ottawa, ON
The Day We Said Farewell by Lisa Timpf, Simcoe, ON
Dreaming of the Heavens by J.J. Steinfeld, Charlottetown, PEI
I've suspected you've wanted out for a while by K.V. Skene, Toronto, ON
Our Time by Joan Wilding Satchwill, Kingston, ON
Table for One by Lucy Santelli, Toronto, ON
Unobserved by Kathy Robertson, Kitchener, ON
On the Farm by Sally Quon, Kelowna, BC
Night Schedules by Gerry Mooney, Nepean, ON
Gargoyle by Rene M. Gerrits, Woodstock, ON
Vinyl Reflection by Teresa-Lee Cooke, Winnipeg, MB
Truth Has No Temperature by Rebecca Clifford, Caledonia, ON
Beatrix at the Party by Robyn Marie Butt, Woodstock, ON
August by Claire Bunnik, Pefferlaw, ON
Vibrations by Ronnie R. Brown, Ottawa, ON
Solstice by Becky Alexander, Cambridge, ON
Too Fast by Ed Woods, Dundas, ON
Age Seventy by Lily Williams, Toronto, ON
Incense by Owen Wagg, Huntsville, ON
Iron Age by Wendy Visser, Cambridge, ON
I'd like to be a house plant. by Karina Vigil, Toronto, ON
Small Arms by Catherine Sands Unruh, Parksville, BC
Music Box by Ron Switchuk, Burlington, ON
Imagine by Dorothy Stott, Gibsons, BC
Observance by Giuseppe Sloan, Fergus, ON
Flame Me by Maryam Tofu, Victoria, BC
The Quilt by Phil St. Pierre, Windsor, ON
The Land by G.A. Ruck, Kitchener, ON
On Becoming by Lola Lyn Panetta
Homesteader by Diane Attwell Palfrey, Cambridge, ON
At the Currency Exchange by Wendy Jean MacLean, Brockville, ON
Awaiting by Bernice Lever, Bowen Island, BC

Special thanks to our judge, Norma West Linder, who read and re-read all 321 poems
to select the top 40 for the book.