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Howard W. Isenberg, BA, LL.B., J.D. is an Executive, Lawyer and Author. He has held VP to CEO positions.
He first attended Osgoode Hall Law School and practiced commercial litigation. Thereafter he was CEO of Canada Wallcoverings Corporation, Chairman of IIDEX and President of W.W.F.A., and held various Directorships, was EVP of Northwood Mortgage, as well as Senior VP of other Financial Corporations and corporate counsel to others.

Howard has always had a strong love of poetry commencing in grade school. In 1972-73, he had the privilege of having Irving Layton as his poetry professor at York U. where Margret Atwood was then a tutorial leader in his course.

Howard derives much pleasure from his family, poetry, writing, classical music, reading, learning and walking.
Now, 61 years old, retired from law and executive work he is thrilled to devote much of his time to poetry and writing.
He has this summer published Upright Meditations his first poetry chapbook with The Ontario Poetry Society. He is a member of T.O.P.S. and The Vaughan Poetry Circle and has been writing and presenting his poetry in GTA venues. He is also a Member in Good Standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada. Howard resides in Thornhill, Ontario with his wife, Sheila. He has three achieved adult children and two grandchildren so far.

While Howard has had some poetry published in various anthologies, he has now undertaken a more mature and dedicated approach to poetry, creativity and his efforts to share his thoughts in words.

- The Ontario Poetry Society

Present works in progress include:
1.Mr. Balloona-Man ( Book One )- a children's storybook about a kind and wise old man who gives young children hot air balloon rides to faraway places: Hawaii, Paris, London, etc. to teach them love, respect, charity and tolerance. Subsequent books of series to cover visits to the zoo, farm, police station, hospital, 123s and ABCs. Stories first told to his daughter when 3-5 years of age, she is now 24 with an M.A. in English and offers for PhD. Programs.

2. Seated Meditations - a second chapbook of poetry and related photography.

3. Bipolar Biographies - a collection of research and short auto-biographies of individuals suffering from diagnosed bipolar disorder. This work is in support of the present mental health awareness efforts and his desire to inform such individuals, their loved ones, caregivers, and employers by providing some 25 direct auto-biographies for different ages and stages of the illness. Research of meds, mood hygiene, stress, prognosis, treatment, stigma reduction and positive awareness of these parameters and list of famous suffers and their achievements, many writers.
Howard's poems express thoughts we may all have had at
some point. Still, his unique insight infuses a special light in
his musings. His heart and soul are palpable in his words.
Cheryl Antao-Xavier, National Coordinator,
Canadian Federation of Poets

The seed you plant will grow the flower you deserve. HWI
Conceive, Believe, Achieve

.....Howard's most recent chapbook


Howard W. Isenberg
43 - 603 Clark Ave. W.
Thornhill, ON L4J 8R2

(Home) 905 886-1246
(Cell) 416 567-9147

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