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The imagination is a beautiful thing. It can create beauty and become an escape from the troubles that life can bring. At an early age, storytelling, writing, history and technology captured my need to seek out adventure. The scholastic regiment and odd jobs deepened my hunger of the world at large and created the burning desire to speed down the independent path. Why? To combine my skills, challenge and to establish myself in a era of globalization.

Four award-winning documentaries, a slew of experimental short films, stacks of photographs, historical publications and poetry books are an ever growing portfolio of my production company Wanted Media. Life speeds on and I intend to expand into the unknown.

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The Ontario Poetry Society
o B.A. History & Film - York University
o Diploma - Computer Networking Technician - Centennial College
o Film Production - Toronto Film School

Documentaries & Awards:

King (2010) - Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
o Financed by Township of King Heritage Committee
o Collaborated with local teacher, archivists, councillors and public organizations
o Worked with Kettleby Public School grade 7 & 8 students
o Premiered at Country Day School - February 20, 2010 King Township, Ontario
o Won documentary award at 2010 Multimedia Film Festival of York Region
o Won Merit Award at the International Awareness Festival in Los Angeles, USA
o Showcased at the 2010 ASK Festival in King City, Ontario

The Story of Uxbridge Station (2008) - Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
o Financed by the Township of Uxbridge & York-Durham Heritage Railway
o Collaborated with local historians, councilors and administrative officials
o Premiered at Uxbridge Music Hall - June 21, 2008 Uxbridge, Ontario
o Accepted into the 2009 Toronto ReelHeART International Film Festival
o Accepted into the 2010 Toronto Independent Film Festival

Nonquon Island (2008) - Director/Producer/Writer
o Financed by the Mississauga First Nations of Scugog & the Township of Scugog
o Collaborated with local First People, archivists, councillors and post-production facilities
o Winner of the 2008 Scugog Heritage Media Award
o Premiered at the Canoe the Nonquon Film Festival - May 10th 2008, Town Hall 1873, Port Perry, Ontario
o Accepted into the 2009 Toronto ReelHeART International Film Festival

Cedar Mains Farm: A Forgotten Landscape (2007) - Director/Producer /Writer
o Financed by Heritage Caledon
o Collaborated with Heritage Resource Officer for the Town of Caledon and the Peel Archives
o Premiered at Empire Theatres - February 16, 2008 Bolton, Ontario

Short Film:
o Emotions (2011)

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Historical Publication:
o Magro, Mark. "How The Maltese Shaped the Toronto West Junction." York Pioneer. 2010 Edition. York Pioneer and Historical Society

Poetry Publication:
o Magro, Mark. Rites of Passage. Toronto: Wanted Media, 2011.

Mark's Website: http://www.wantedmedia.ca

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