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...After many years of marginalizing poetry David C. Brydges is inflamed and passionate about promoting poetry. Joining the Stroll of Poets and Raving Poets reading series in Edmonton has given him a sense of community and stage for participation.
...David believes that Friedrich Holderlin was right when in the 17 th century he said "although we have to earn a living we dwell poetically on this earth". The natural creative gifts of observation and capturing them in poetic form is a daily, detailed discipline.
...David is the founder/artistic director of Spring Pulse Poetry Festival Northeastern Ontario's largest and only poetry/arts festival. Check out the festival at www.springpulsepoetryfestival.com He founded in 2014 PoeARTry North Northern Ontario's first painting/poetry competition.
...David is the TOPS Branch Manager for Cobalt and was the TOPS 'Member of the Year' for 2012.
Presently he is completing a biography of Dr. Drummond called "In a Northern Light" and sending a full book size manuscript titled "Vagabond Post Office" to various publishers.
...David C. Brydges is an event planner, cultural entrepreneur, and artistic director for the "Great Canadian PoeTrain Tour" ( www.poetrain.com )

David has created Blue Apple Press a self-publishing company to get in print his works for the general public. Recently joining the League of Canadian Poets as an associate member is an extension of his desire to strengthen his public association with fellow poets and organizations. David is an enthusiastic advocate for poetry in public places. Poetry is a passionate secretion of juices from the muses

- Stroll of Poets Edmonton
- Edmonton Poetry Society
- World Poetry Reading Series Society
- Canadian Authors Association
- League of Canadian Poets (associate member)

- The Poetrain Express (a poets Journey) documentary 2013 spring pulse poetry festival productions.
- Blue Train short documentary of Ian Ferrier spring pulse poetry festival productions isbn number 9780981359946

Poetry contests:
- Synchronicity Magazine, Calgary annual poetry contest 2001 (honourable mention)
- Spiritual Directions, Calgary annual poetry contest 2005 (third place)
- Dr. William Henry Drummond, Poetry Contest 2007 (first place)
- 19th annual Northern Ontario Poetry Contest 2014 First Place

- Crude Truths, bridge builder press, isbn 098135992-2, 20 pages.
Blue Apple Press Publications: (chapbooks)
- Windfire on the Lake Road, 2008, isbn 978-0-9732744-4-8, 36 pages, $5:00
- Cobalt Poems verses of the north anthology, 2008, isbn 978-9732744-5-5, 60 pages, $10:00
- Anthologies of the Misshapen, 2008, isbn 978-0-9732744-8-6, 16 pages, $3:00
Forthcoming Books/CD's
- In a Northern Light, (Dr. William Henry Drummond) biography
- Doctor William Henry Drummond, selected anthology
- Raving Rants Revelry, CD
- Vagabond Post Office, anthology

- Decabration 10th anniversary anthology,
Ontario Poetry Society
- Stroll of Poets, anthology, 2007-08-09 - 2010 2013-2014
- Killer Blinks, anthology, 2007-08-09 - 2010
- Cobalt Poems Verses of the North, 2008
- Legacy Dr. William Henry Drummond, 2008
- Many Pens of Passion, anthology, 2009
- Raving Poets e-magazine Raving, 2009 ( Issues 1, 2 & 3)

- Spirit Eyes and Fireflies, Ontario Poetry Society 2011 member anthology edited by Kate Marshall Flaherty,
..poems: When I Heard of Mentors Death and Frozen Lip
- Ropedancer
the Ontario Poetry Society 2012 member anthology edited by Debbie Ouellet, poem: Rain
-Scarlett Thistles A Canadian Anthology of Poetry
edited & compiled by Fran Figge A Beret Days Book Ontario Poetry Society 2014
................ poems: Flare Stack and A Lone Raven
-The PoeTrain Anthology
A Selection of Train Poems by Canadian Poets Copyright ©2015 by authors isbn Number: 978-0-9813599-3-9

...David C. Brydges
...... .....Box 455 Cobalt, ON - P0J 1C0
Email: .mybrydges@yahoo.ca
Phone: 705-679-8930