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~ Delicate Impact - A Canadian Poetry Anthology ~

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April Bulmer - Editor/Compiler
Nan Williamson - Illustrator

All members of The Ontario Poetry Society are invited to participate in our annual anthology of poetry.
This collection will feature your poetry on themes of things that are delicate and the impact their presence causes including:

Poems about things pleasing in a subtle way: a delicate flavour, a chocolate mousse cake, a musical interlude, wind chimes, babies, baby powder, tickles or feathers;
delicate sights like wispy clouds, lace trim, angel hair;
delicate inner features like faith (spirituality), hope, and charity (love);
delicate outer features such as baby hair, tiny fingers, eye lashes, eye brows, even lips, ears and noses;
delicate colours: white and pale pinks, soft yellow, mint green, washed-blue, mauve, soft corals;
delicate textures: pastels, satin, lace, water, clouds, curtain sheers, fine jewelry like thin gold chains;
things easily broken or damaged: butterfly's wings, fine china, crystal goblets, heirlooms, antiques.
Poems which illustrate the experience of a delicate touch like a light kiss or a brush of the cheek or
hair by a lover, a parent or a significant other.
Poems about someone who has made a difference or impact in other people's lives: a role model, nurse, caregiver, doctor, clergy, social worker, teacher, friend, family, mentor, celebrity;
discovering new-found happiness, being hired, being fired, friendship break-up, happy unions, divorce or separation;
a surgery or about delicate treatment needed afterwards for recovery from a surgery, a collision, either a car crash;
anything marked by sensitive communications: discrimination, racial hatred, a critic's perception of your work, remarks to a scandal, to something you are wearing, about the company you keep, a heated argument about household duties, the aftermath of two things or people that strike forcefully at one another, such as a fist fight or a collision of minds and words;
human frailties, weaknesses of the mind and/or body, addiction poems, a weak heart, ageing skin;
any kind of destruction, such as a tsunami, an earthquake, a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, a catastrophe brought about by human error, meteorites impacting the universe.

Poems may be in rhyme and/or in free verse. Poems may be previously published, as long as the author (you) hold the copyright. Include any publishing credits, previous poetry prizes, etc., at the bottom of the page for the respective poem(s). Poems are not to exceed 70 lines, including stanza breaks.
Each member must submit a minimum of 5 poems up to a maximum of 10 poems. This is so the editor/compiler has enough choices from your submission to make the best selection for the book.
Kindly make sure your name is neatly printed on the top left hand corner of your poem
and the theme of each poem is typed on the upper right hand corner of the page.

Each member is guaranteed to have a minimum of 2 short poems
or 1 long poem that needs two pages in the book.

Fill out the accompanying Bio Information Form, as there will be a bio section at the back of the book.
Submission Deadline: Entries to be mailed on or before - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO > March 31, 2018.
Estimated date of publication is August 31, 2018.
The Ontario Poetry Society is a registered, not-for-profit, grass roots, democratic, poet-friendly organization.
Since we do not receive outside funding for this project, it must be financially self-sustaining. Each submission must include payment for at least one copy of the book.
Pre-publication Offer - $25 Per Copy
There is no limit on the number of books you may purchase, providing they are paid for in advance.
Prices include all taxes, postage and handling expenses. Make your payment payable to

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